The cost of repairing a seawall using our method is usually less than half the cost of replacement. To repair a seawall and to eliminate soil loss, it must be sealed and vented to help alleviate the extreme pressures that are present.

Typically, the soils that are supporting the structures are weak due to their source. Most Florida seawalls are constructed along excavated canals. When the canals were originally constructed, the dirt from the canal was used to form the foundations of the homes. These excavated soils more likely contained wood from tree debris, aquatic fossils etc. causing the organic excavated matter to fail leaving unstable soils which leave voids and cause the seawall to fail. Soil Stabilizers of Florida uses:

• NO heavy equipment

• Polyurethane soil stabilization resin injection which has a stronger psi than concrete

Premier Environmental Solutions Constructed Seawall

Premier Environmental Solutions Seawall Construction at Sunrise Landing

Premier Environmental Solutions Constructing a Seawall

Premier Environmental Solutions Constructing a Seawall (2)