We offer a variety of support services for your construction needs. Our foundation repair is both time and cost effective. We use innovative products, which include polyurethane soil stabilization and structural foam.



Foundation Services • Foundation Repair • Foundation Underpinning • Pressure Grouting • Mud/slab jacking • Floor Leveling • Helical Piling/Pin Piling • Crack Floor Repair • Structural Repair • Water proofing • Sinkhole Repair • Soil Stabilization • Seawall Repair


Soil Stabilization Video

Our proven cost effective process of stabilizing soils in and around seawalls, repeating cracks and leaks in concrete using polyurethane grouts, epoxy injection resins and polyurea coatings from Prime Resins are optimally formulated to stabilize soils, lifting concrete slabs, stopping leaks, and protecting concrete structures ZERO EXCAVATION!

We pride ourselves on engineering infrastructure repair solutions to maintain the integrity of the property. Our wide range of experience with soil stabilization includes foundation, construction of retention ponds; soil stabilization weak soils; repair of dams and manholes.

Choosing the appropriate product and using the correct application technique are equally important in achieving desired results. Our Prime Resins products have over 30 years proven experience plus a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty helping customers with these problems.


Soft soils are plentiful in many areas. Structural failure is predictable in building developments where the soils gradually compress against the bulk of the structure therefore requiring aid in supporting the deterioration settlement. The cracks caused by the extreme stress become a major challenge.

We use 2 different High-Quality polymers manufactured by Prime Resins products to stiffen and compact soil erosion. They consist of extremely thin liquid resins and react with moisture when injected soil, forming a rock hard, water tight mass. The resins are environmentally friendly.


Polyurethane, Soil Stabilizer

This product is used in combination with polyurethane structural foam or by itself and is injected point-blank into soft soils to provide a glue like bond of the feeble and shifting soils. Providing a very secure base and turning ordinary fill dirt into 1200* psi bonded soil.

Polyurethane, Structural Foam

This product is used to lift concrete structures replacing the old method of the messy large hole slab-jacking by drilling extremely small ” holes and injecting the foam with an expansion rate 20* times the original volume bringing the slab back to the original grade.


The cost of repairing a seawall using our method is usually less than half the cost of replacement. To repair a seawall and to eliminate soil loss, it must be sealed and vented to help alleviate the extreme pressures that are present.

Typically, the soils that are supporting the structures are weak due to their source. Most Florida seawalls are constructed along excavated canals. When the canals were originally constructed, the dirt from the canal was used to form the foundations of the homes. These excavated soils more likely contained wood from tree debris, aquatic fossils etc. causing the organic excavated matter to fail leaving unstable soils which leave voids and cause the seawall to fail. Premier Environmental Solutions uses:

• NO heavy equipment

• Polyurethane soil stabilization resin injection which has a stronger psi than concrete

Commercial Building Inspection



Hiring an Inspection Professional is the key to your Commercial Inspections. We have extensive experience inspecting all types of Commercial/Investment properties and our additional experience in the building trades ensures that you have hired a company that understands buildings and the systems that go with them. The goal of an Inspection Pros Commercial Property Inspection is to identify and communicate any observable, physical deficiencies of the material systems, components, and equipment within a commercial property.

We customize our inspections on Commercial/Investment properties so that our Clients are getting all the information they need and want.

• Systems only check – when major renovations are planned

• Limited unit inspections – A representative sampling of about 20% of the total units in an apartment building or complex.

• Repair cost analysis – A breakdown of the expected remaining life of the major systems in a building and the expected 5 year maintenance/repair/replacement costs.



Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and certified in the State of Florida. Our accreditation includes:

  • Florida Certified Building Contractor CBC1256200

  • Florida Certified Building Contractor CBC1262265

  • OSHA Certified Hazardous Materials Supervisor

  • OSHA Hazardous Materials Supervisor

  • OSHA Certified Asbestos Handler

Whatever your need is, we can offer the highest regard to your safety as well as state compliance.