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Our technicians are highly trained, licensed and certified in the State of Florida. Our accreditation includes:

  • Florida Certified Building Contractor CBC1256200

  • Florida Certified Building Contractor CBC1262265

  • OSHA Certified Hazardous Materials Supervisor

  • OSHA Hazardous Materials Supervisor

At first it may not seem like it’s worth the money to repair a small problem. However don’t wait and increase the cost of repairs because your foundation problem could get worse. Call today and get a free estimate!

Oceans are Rising Faster than Ever

Sea levels are climbing more rapidly than they have in almost 3,000 years.

The 20th_century rise was faster than any of the previous 27 centuries. Global temperatures have jumped 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since the 19th century, thus melting the polar ice caps enough to cause an overall sea level rise of 5.5 inches – more along the U.S. East Coast. That increase has already led to frequent coastal flooding in Florida and other states. Sea levels could rise as much as 4 feet by 2100, forcing the abandonment of ma~y coastal communities.

The average ocean level in Florida is rising at a rate of approximately one inch per year. The average ocean levels have risen almost a foot in the last 100 years.

Rise in sea levels puts additional stress on sea walls causing accelerated deterioration of the structures. The sea walls that were designed 10 years earlier or more were not designed for the additional pressure placed on the sea walls from higher sea levels. The rise in sea levels makes preventive maintenance on seawalls important. Routine maintenance on sea walls can lengthen the life of the structures and help prevent costly replacement.

Some of the signs of sea wall problems are a loss of soil or soil subsidence, cracking, sinking or tilting of your seawall which indicates that it is highly recommended the seawall be repaired.

Soil Stabilizers of Florida provides an economical feasible repair using targeted grout injection with a polyurethane resin to stop leaks and fill underground voids. This type of repair is very cost effective and extends life of the structure.

Observations from the owner, David Scardino, Environmental Scientist

Climate Change and its Effects on Foundations for Structures

As the earth warms up, sea levels rise because warm water expands and takes up more room than cold water. A process known as thermal expansion.

The melting of glaciers accelerate this problem by providing the ocean with more water.

The sea levels have risen between 4 to 8 inches in the past 100 years. Sea level rise could rise between 4 to 36 inches in the next 100 years at the current rates.

The rise in sea levels puts stress on sea walls, causing erosion of the structures affecting the foundations and stability.

Localized climate variations also pose a threat to foundations. Drought followed by unusually high precipitation can affect the stability of foundations in Florida.

It is particularly important to inspect for cracks and settling at regular intervals and to identify areas of unstable soils. It is important to take corrective action before major structural damage occurs.

Climate Change and its Effects on Foundations

Climate change is causing disruptions in the normal weather patterns leading to foundation problems.

Heat waves and drought have affected most of the US in the recent years followed by unusually heavy rains which can cause the ground to move and sink under and around your home. Improper compaction of soil and improper fill materials used extensively by many home developers and home builders in new and old developments can also lead to serious foundation problems.

Signs of foundation problems:

• Drywall cracking
• Stucco cracked or broken
• Doors or windows sticking or not closing properly
• Soil next to the foundation sunk or concrete block separated or cracked

Foundations that have begun settling or sinking can be repaired permanently by soil stabilization or by installing a foundation piering system.

Foundation problems can be scary! Premier Environmental Solutions can repair your foundation within a few days for peace of mind.