Observations from the owner, David Scardino, Environmental Scientist…

Climate Change and its Effects on Foundations

Climate change is causing disruptions in the normal weather patterns leading to foundation problems.

Heat waves and drought have affected most of the US in the recent years followed by unusually heavy rains which can cause the ground to move and sink under and around your home. Improper compaction of soil and improper fill materials used extensively by many home developers and home builders in new and old developments can also lead to serious foundation problems.

Signs of foundation problems:

• Drywall cracking
• Stucco cracked or broken
• Doors or windows sticking or not closing properly
• Soil next to the foundation sunk or concrete block separated or cracked

Foundations that have begun settling or sinking can be repaired permanently by soil stabilization or by installing a foundation piering system.

Foundation problems can be scary! Premier Environmental Solutions can repair your foundation within a few days for peace of mind.